Need temporary cash relief? A medical bill you did not expect arrived, car repairs, house repairs, credit card debts that are due at the end of the month and you are short on cash. Would like to apply for a loan and not much time to wait for an approval? The solution is no fax 1 hour payday loans are readily available online.

Online payday loans with no faxing do not require any collateral. No need to put the house up for sale or other assets for security. The loan is normally secured against the loan applicant's next paycheck. Payday loans have the advantage over bank loans where there is no stringent scrutiny and long wait times for an approval. The loan applicant can be approved within the hour and have their cash deposited in their bank account within that hour, that day, or the next day.

Many online payday lending firms offer twenty four hours support for dispersal of funds. Applicants must log on, fill out an application providing identification, residence, age, loan amount, source of income, employer and banking information. The application takes minutes to finish, and the applicant will be informed if they are approved within an hour. Loan amounts are usually less than fifteen hundred dollars, since it is usually needed during a short time of financial distress.

No faxing payday loans are hassle free. No more stress looking for important documents to fax to lending firms, no more carrying around all the documents, no more waiting in long line ups, and no more embarrassment.

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