Today you can easily get a payday loans guaranteed no fax approval online, even if your credit history is bad. Moreover, given the fact that the qualification requirements you are to meet when applying for payday loans on the Internet is very simple and you do not need to fax any papers to a lender, you can get an approval in little to no time. Please note that the amount of cash you can borrow from online payday loan lenders is somewhat smaller than the amount of money you can get when applying for a regular unsecured loan. On average, you will be offered to take $300 to $1,000 as a payday loan. Also, you must make sure you will be able to repay this amount upon your next payday, because interest rates charged by payday lenders are usually quite high. Even the most affordable payday loan may cost you as much as 15% of interest rates, and the only way to avoid overpaying is to repay your loan on time.

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