Are you in Canada and you want a hassle free loan? Go for no fax payday loan. With the loan, there is no need to go from one place to another to meet lenders since the whole process is done online. Just like in the UK and other places, it is no different in Canada when it comes to the requirements for the loan application. The minimum age of 18 years is the same, have a salary that can service the loan and be a Canadian citizen. No one will ask you why you need the loan and it is upon you to make a decision on how to use the money you apply for. Here you can be able to get up $ 1500 is the shortest time possible. This money is to be paid back in two weeks and if need be it can be extended up to a month's time. In case you are not able to repay on time, discuss with the lender to avoid accumulation of extra fee.

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